October 05, 2006

turtle poop alarm and tim gunnisms

if you haven't seen previews of episode 13 yet (let's just say that harrison detroit sebelia -- the toddler of tattoo fame -- seems to own a pet turtle.. [edit: but see comments]), you may not understand what the title of this post refers to. you may, in fact, think that it relates to the most recent episode, the reunion show, in some way. and, on reflection, that might actually not be the worst way to describe it.

one of the few highlights of the show was a short review of tim gunnisms. hail to the person who holds up the flag for multisyllabic words on reality tv. so here, for your entertainment and enlightenment is schnaufblog's idiosyncratic version of

tim gunn's abc
of constructive criticism

[links go to merriam-webster online]

  1. ancillary (from the Latin word for "handmaid")
  2. bifurcate (from the Latin word for "two-pronged"-- the word is related to "fork")
  3. chacun à son goût (French for "each to his own taste")
  4. daunting (from Latin "domitare", to tame)
  5. egregious (from the Latin word for "flock", as in "towering above the flock")
  6. faux bois (French for "false wood")
  7. grievous (from French, related to "grave")
  8. haute couture (French for "high sewing")
  9. idiosyncratic (from Greek "personal mixing")
  10. joie de vivre (French, "joy of living")
  11. kindergarten play of camelot (from German for "children's garden", "camelot" is the name of King Arthur's castle)
  12. lexicon (from the Greek word for "of words")
  13. malfeasance (from French, "wrong doing", -feasance is related to "faire", "do" in French, or "facere" in Latin, which is the source for the English word "fact", "that which has been made")
  14. nominations sought!
  15. omniscient (from Latin "all-knowing")
  16. preposterous (from Latin the Latin word for "absurd, reversed", from "prae" + "posterus", "before" + " coming after")
  17. quilt-like appliqués (from Old French "cuilte", the word for "stuffed sack" or "mattress")
  18. reverie (from Old French, "rejoicing, rage", related to "rave")
  19. Sturm and Drang (from German, "storm and urge", the title of a play by the German author F. M. Klinger (1776), seized upon by the historians of literature as aptly expressing the spirit of the school to which the author belonged [OED], used for young writers characterized by extravagance in the representation of violent passion [OED])
  20. trepidation (from Latin, "trapidus", meaning "scared, alarmed")
  21. ultra-glamorous (from Latin, "ultra", meaning "beyond", first used in French in the combination "ultra-royaliste", related to "ulterior")
  22. voluminous (from Latin, "volumen", meaning "roll, coil")
  23. woeful (from an Indo-European interjection expressing grief or lamentation)
  24. x-uberant [sorry, had to cheat on this one]
  25. yawnur, project (from Old High German, "yawn", meaning "to gape")
  26. zaftig (from Yiddish "zaftik", "saftig" in German, meaning "juicy)

ready for some turtle-related trepidation next week?


Laura K said...

I think that's Laura's son with the turtle. You can see the turtle (but no poop) on the kitchen counter in her audition video on Bravo!

riddiculus said...

oh! that's too bad. i wanted to type out "harrison detroit sebelia" so badly (though i'm not even sure that that's the kid's full name).

LauraandMichael said...

That's Laura's son - it's her apartment. She had also mentioned having a turtle loose in her apartment on one of the extra videos on Bravo.