October 17, 2006

pun and punishment

Or: Beware, my lord, of cellulose!

Yes, I'll admit it. I don't like puns. They seem to shout "look how clever I am", and usually I don't find them so clever. So let me list some that are so awful that they seem to be stuck forever in my brain.

  • "O-Cel-O" (product name of an kitchen sponge)
  • "The Mane Attraction" (name of a local hair salon)
  • "Try one of our new Moolattes" (advertisement for some dairy queen concoction)
  • "Lettuce all work together!" (slogan in local grocery coop)
  • "Pawtisserie" (name of bakery for dogs)
  • "Sole Mate" (name of some sort of shoe bag)
  • "Pee-pee tepee" (you need to see it to believe it)

To be continued! (for sure)


Lexa Roséan said...

ORANGE you glad you made this post :)

riddiculus said...

that one's different - it's a classic! (-: