October 22, 2006

fabulously glamorous milkbone

Laura Bennett is not a dog person. Yet she seems to be very fond of one particular brooch. Doesn't it look like a glammed-up milkbone?

ETA on Nov. 4: Trust the Project Rungay guys to provide the answer (scroll down until you get to the close-up picture of the "buckle", which, as it turns out, is a vintage piece by Boucheron).

And another dog-related snippet: according to this post on blogging project runway, the name of the piece Ulli Herzner* chose as soundtrack for her runway presentation is "doggy fun". How perfect is that, considering that she won the dog challenge?

* Uli Herzner now has a website and a logo. The logo is her name, "Uli" (presumably short for "Ulrike"), encircled by a heart, which is very appropriate, considering that the German word for "heart" is ... "Herz".

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