September 04, 2006

dogs of hawai'i

hawaiian attractions

dog #1: kellee, the b&b's resident dog.

she was watching over the papaya trees.

dog #2: leaving traces at kama'ole beach

so, where's the dog that goes with this imprint? ah, there he is:

dog #3: not every dog was taken out for a swim

this little guy was not allowed at the ahalanui hot pond.
so he watched his owner from the car.

dog #4: some dogs were taken to the beach but refused to go into the water

this dog didn't want to follow his owner into the ocean at the pu'uhonua o honaunau city of refuge. perhaps he prefered to watch the statues.

dog #5: who would bring a dog on the road to hana?

i ran into this dog at almost every scenic lookout.

dog #6: this puppy was oddly named "can too".

there was nothing odd, however, about the view his owner had of waipi'o valley.

dog #7 didn't have that kind of view.
he also seemed to be plagued by fleas, so i didn't get much closer.

dog #8: this dog was missed very much!

my drawing certainly added to the beauty of the sunset at ka'anapali beach.

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