September 28, 2006

come, lifelong endurance cage!

finally we got to see some fun on project runway. laura pretended to be able to chat in german ("kommen sie hier!"), jeffrey felt pretty as a peacock floating through the room in one of uli's creations, uli herself put away the flowy hippy-dippy persona for a minute and gave an unexpected klumpersonation ("coming up next on project runway: uli doesn't finish her dress!"), and michael, well, let's just say alliterations are not his forte.

[edit: thanks to mensa member i got rid of an unfortunate accent on "forte". you can read about it in the comments]

the challenge: the four remaining designers had to come up with a garment that woul
d represent their signature style, vow the judges, and could be shot for elle magazine. you'd think that after making dresses out of coffee filters and recycling bags and after designing for pageant contestants, mothers, style icons, and dogs this would have been a piece of cake, but not so. the results were uniformly ...underwhelming. the only design the judges liked was uli's mini dress, the one that had made even jeff feel pretty and romantic. there must have been some unicorn hairs woven into the fabric. that's probably why uli decided to use it again for her final collection.

in addition to making a dress, the designers had to describe their style in a provocative, irreverent, glamourous, adventurous, or sultry headline, and here's what they came up with:*

the judges found it hard to decide who should be out -- not because everyone did great, but because three out of four did not so great. in the first cozy-wozy twist in PR history, they decided not to eliminate anybody and to send them all to olympus fashion week. dear, if uneventful.

*the designers had to come up with three-word slogans (not with headlines), which i fed to an anagram generator. (a) is laura's slogan (her tree words were elegance, glamour, confidence), (b) is jeff's (irreverent, provocative, romantic), (c) is uli's (life, adventure, fun), (d) is michael's (sexiness, sultry, sensuality).


mensa member said...

Just FYI: the word "forte" (as in someone's strength/specialty)is pronounced as one syllable that rhymes with "port". The 2-syllable word pronounced "for-tay" is a musical term. Neither has an accent over the e.

riddiculus said...

Oops! I'll get this corrected right away. According to Merriam-Webster and the OED the word has two pronunciations (one syllable, as in "port", or two). I got carried away by my very poor French. I thought the word "forte" was a participle in French, derived from an imagined verb "forter" (hence the accent), but not so: It's a simple monosyllabic adjective, "fort" in the masculine form, "forte" in the feminine form. Merriam-Webster points out "In forte we have a word derived from French that in its 'strong point' sense has no entirely satisfactory pronunciation. Usage writers have denigrated \'for-"te\ and \'for-te\ because they reflect the influence of the Italian-derived forte. Their recommended pronunciation \'fort\, however, does not exactly reflect French either: the French would write the word le fort and would rhyme it with English for. So you can take your choice, knowing that someone somewhere will dislike whichever variant you choose. All are standard, however." Alas, the accent has to go. Thanks, mm!

Leah said...

The anagram generated phrases was *brilliant*. Bravo! Made me laugh and laugh.

riddiculus said...

thanks leah. i found the phrases the designers came up with so "blah" that i thought a machine would do better. and it did.