June 14, 2006

there are dogs that like to chase balls...

and there are dogs that don't even get excited about the soccer world cup. right now germany is playing poland, but this household member couldn't care less, even if pushed:

in germany, the soccer world cup is a big deal. you can't go anywhere without being reminded that the country is hosting it. here's a shot of the public phones at frankfurt main station:

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IHP said...

The phones in this image reming me of what I have read about quite unusual soccer balls. The Spiegel wrote about balls filled with concrte and then chained to lamp posts in Berlin. A sign asking "can u kick it" was answered by some fans with a "kick" that in two cases led to serious injuries. Now the police investigate and want to press assault charges. Legally, this sounds absurd since it were the victims themselves who broke their toes. As the victims didn't know about the effects of their kicks, the Courts generally use "superior knowledge of the defendant" in those cases as an argument to create (civil and criminal) liability.