September 30, 2006

life on the treadmill

Photo by Michael Forster Rothbart

"Canine physical therapist Courtney Arnoldy works with Stella, a year-old border collie, on an underwater treadmill. Stella is a stray belonging to the Wisconsin Border Collie Rescue. She suffers a malunion of her femur—a previous broken bone rotated in the socket and healed incorrectly. The treadmill, acquired by the School of Veterinary Medicine in May, uses water to support a dog's weight as it walks and is used to help dogs regain leg use after orthopedic or neurologic problems, or surgery. In this case, the goal of physical therapy, says Arnoldy, is "to give the dog enough range of motion for the leg to be functional, and then she'll start using it on her own and build up muscle mass."

it's nice to see that rescue dogs get advanced medical treatment. while stella was on the vet school treadmill, a luxury canine fitness spa opened. an "aqua paws treadmill session" (up to 30 min.) is about $25. one can also book the pool for a "buddy swim"(up to 3 dogs) or a "pool party" (up to 6 dogs). i don't know if silly hats or shades are included in the price.

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