June 13, 2006

knight of the canine blog order

a link from dog lady herself! i only noticed it this morning when i was googling "schnaufblog" on a new computer (without bookmarks). it feels like being knighted!

[the /k/ in "knighted" is a good example for the disparity of sound and spelling english is known for. in old english, the /k/ was still pronounced (as it is in the related german word "knecht"). it was dropped rather recently, around the 17th century, when the spelling of the word had already become more or less fixed. pronunciation changed, but spelling didn't follow - the source of many apparent inconsistencies in english spelling.

here are some early examples of "knight", as listed in the oxford english dictionary:
  • 1470-85 He was a passyng good knyght of a kynge, and but a yong man.
  • 1556 There was slayne kynge Henrys sone and many other lordes and knyttes.
  • 1577 Knights be not borne, neither is anie Man a Knight by succession.
  • 1596 Alexr Leuingstoun knicht..is elected gouernour of the Realme.
  • 1648 The estates..of the lords, knights, gentlemen, and free~holders..of Connaught.]

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