May 19, 2006

complementary distribution*

this is lena, our neighbor's beautiful border collie. lena is 10 months old and in constant motion. it's very hard to get a picture of her that isn't blurred:

lena is all that you would expect from a young boarder collie. she's overeager and playful, and will enthusiastically go after a stinky old volleyball dozens of times. she thinks the world is a wonderful place, filled with frisbees, squirrels, and people that love her.

brandy knows better, but keeps her wisdom to herself.

*in linguistics, the term complementary distribution refers to two elements that can never occur in the same environment. for example, the demonstratives "this" and "these" are in complementary distribution -- whenever "this" is o.k. (singular environment), "these" is not, and vice versa.

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