February 24, 2006

"they went like bagels"

...said heidi klum, host of project runway, the addictive reality show on bravo tv, at the reunion episode on wednesday, referring to the "my scene barbie" designed by nick verreos, one of the contestants on the show. cute germanism! the german equivalent to "something sells like hotcakes" is "something sells like warm rolls", so it's really only a matter of getting your source of carbs right. oh, and by the way:
however, that was not the linguistic highlight of the show. here's an excerpt from an exchange between tim gunn, chair of the department of fashion design at parsons school of design and everybody's favorite mentor ("make it work!"), and guadalupe (lupe) vidal, a contestant who was eliminated for her incoherent designs and her inability to explain them:
Tim: "Did you feel your elimination was fair given that Marla plagiarized the Nikki Hilton dress?"

Lupe: "Honestly, I can only give him a personal critique. Nobody would ever know unless they personally respond to me would know what my personal response is. And that is of me. And personally I believe if you can't like push the boundaries and like Johnny Cash walk the line and..."

Heidi: "This went so confusing - what was the question?"

Tim: "I haven't a clue any longer!"

Heidi: "What was the question - I thought we lost track."

Tim to Lupe: "Did you feel your elimination was fair given that Marla plagiarized the Nikki Hilton dress? Yes or No."

Lupe: "Understand that Marla has an aesthetic I cannot duplicate. But Marla has an aesthetic that she cannot duplicate. And Arion, on national television, if you can get this, you fuckin rock - cause you believe in what is true. Period."

there are myriads of recaps of the show, here's a link to one of the most entertaining ones. and look, someone designed a t-shirt at cafepress right away:

compared to this, chomsky's famous colorless green ideas look rather lame. and that is of me.

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