February 13, 2006

best in show

....it's westminster kennel club dog show time again. more than 2600 dogs compete for the title "best in show". the washington post has a long article on the subject:

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, now in its 130th year, is arguably the Super Bowl of dog shows in this country and perhaps in other nations as well.
the group results aren't in yet. i like to watch the working dogs, the sporting dogs, the hounds, and the herding dogs. i'm not crazy about terriers or toy dogs. and the non-sporting group.

last year, a beautiful pointer won the best in show title with a perfect stance known as a "free stack". it seemed to go on for a minute, and the crowd went crazy. what a dog! (sorry, but you just can't get that kind of vibe from a pekingese.)

update: so, for the first time ever, a rottweiler won the working dog competition. hm. i'm more into dogs with floppy ears and with tails -- like great pyrenees and bernese mountain dogs. but it was great fun watching the mastiff prancing around like a ginormous* puppy. and i just love how the female judges always wear shiny long skirts and glittery blouses that make them look completely out of place. what kind of tradition is this? and the handlers never wear sportswear either. i also like the announcer's blurbs about each breed. rottweilers are great companion dogs "with appropriate training". and

second update: the terrier group is just being judged. i admit they are my least favorite, along with the toy dogs. long noses, rectangular faces, and clipped tails. who's gonna win? here's coco again, the norfolk terrier, an experienced champion. ah, she's in second place. the winner is rufus, a bull terrier. sorry, rufus, i don't think i will root for you tomorrow.

third update: the toy group is led by a pug, followed by a pekingese. ah well.

last update for today: the non-sporting dog group competition was won by a beautiful dalmatian. see you again tomorrow, boomer! (he's owned by the owners of charlee, the pointer that won last year's best in show title.)

* ginormous: according to a merriam-webster online survey, ginormous was a word that many users miss in the dictionary. however, the prognosis is good: "Although there has not yet been sufficient evidence to back entering ginormous, a search in the LexisNexis database shows that the word’s use is spreading."

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