February 07, 2006

airfare watchdog

have you ever bought an airplane ticket only to find out that if you had booked it 3 hours later, or if you had changed the departure from monday @ 10 to tuesday @11, it would have cost a lot less? how does one figure out these things? it seems that one way to stay on top of airline pricing is to read the right blog. in his new york times column "on the road" joe sharkey writes today
"a growing number of blogs and Web sites devoted to travel issues [...] are managed by well-infomred people who do solid, original work and carve out niches that simply do not exist in print or broadcast travel journalism. A prime example, Mr. Greenberg [the travel editor of the Today show] said, is www.airfarewatchdog.com, published by George Hobica, a man with an uncanny ability to rummage through the rat's nest of airline fare structures and promotions and find the most obscure unadvertised cheap fares, which can then be booked through the links on his site. "This man seems to spend 24 hours a day looking at every possible airefare and airline Wb site, " Mr. Greenberg said. "Plus, the guy is always right."
so, let browser dig up some good prices for you. and if you don't know what to do with all the miles you are going to accumulate on your frequent flyer account, you can discuss it on www.flyertalk.com

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