December 11, 2005

infrared secretion production

in today's new york times magazine the best ideas and inventions of the year are showcased. among them: the infrared pet dry room, "the most redical new dog product since the chew toy" (it makes you think about the ideas that didn't make the list).

Infrared Pet Dry Room, The

In September, at the FCI Seoul International Dog Show, the Korean engineering company Daun ENG introduced what may be the most radical new dog product since the chew toy. The Infrared Pet Dry Room is, as its name suggests, a chamber into which you place a wet dog in order to dry him or her via infrared radiation. Because infrared rays penetrate the dermis, they warm and dry an animal more quickly than a blow-dryer does, and they do so without resulting in the kinds of skin rashes that blow-dryers often cause.

The downside of infrared rays, or at least of the Infrared Pet Dry Room, is that no matter how many times you are assured of its safety, it's hard not think that a dog stepping inside the machine will be roasted faster than a Ball Park frank. The other worry is that the experience of being locked inside a glowing red box might cause a dog some anxiety. But in a recent interview with Aving, an online product reviewer in Korea, Kim Sun Man, C.E.O. of Daun ENG, tried to put skeptics at ease. "We actually had about 100 dogs tested and found some of them produced a secretion while being in the machine," he said. "But most of them stayed calm."

so, if you don't mind a little anxiety-related secretion production and a big glowing box that blocks your entrance, by all means, go for it.

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