December 17, 2005

dear santa

top three of brandy's wishlist, as compiled by her:

1. solid gold tiny tots
soft and smelly. the treats you want to have around for obedience classes.

2. liver biscotti

crunchy and not smelly. (i'd buy them more often if they didn't have such a ridiculous name)

3. greenies

neither crunchy nor smelly. but good. and a fancy-free name.

top three of brandy's wishlist, as compiled by me:

1. planet dog hemp harness
looks comfortable and doubles as a safety belt in the car.

2. victoria peak dog bed, new stuffing

the best dog beds ever, with a sturdy denim cover that comes off easily and doesn't shrink in the washing machine.

3. bent wood dog diner
mmh, come to think about it, this would probably take up too much space and would be a hassle to clean. let's opt for something simpler:

hemp collar and leash set from earth dog

great collars, durable and in beautiful designs.

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