December 07, 2005

cookie time!

it looks like the dog couldn't care less about the cookies. that's not true, of course, but she was distracted with a treat.

the cookies you see here are called finger kolatschen. the name has been borrowed from slavic languages - kolác in czech (from kolo "wheel"), kołacz in polish, kalač in russian. they are round cookies made of some sort of shortcrust and usually filled with jam. their cousins in vienna are called topfen golatschen, and they are bigger and filled with cream cheese.

grimm's dictionary, the most comprehensive historical dictionary of german, also lists the spellings goltschen, gultschn, golasche, kollatsch (the latter in prussia), kalatschen (in bavaria), and a pastry chef could be called a golaczer.

in english they are called kolacky or kolache
(according to the american heritage dictionary of the english language, both words can be used in the singular and the plural).

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