December 13, 2005

advent, advent

the advent calender is a german tradition. in the standard version, one opens one door every day from december 1 to 24, and behind the door, there is a small piece of chocolate. in more elaborate versions for grown-ups, there may be a truffle or a diamond ring behind the door.

yesterday, a package arrived from germany, with a very decadent version of the advent calender: one for dogs (with a dog biscuit behind each door).

you can see that brandy got all excited. she clearly appreciates german holiday traditions.

but being the polite dog she is, she won't rip the wrapping paper open. she simply stares at it (until i open it for her). happy advent!

the dog you see on the advent calender is modeled after "holly", germany's answer to barney. holly is a border terrier and he belongs to the former chancellor of germany, gerhard schroeder, and his wife, doris schroeder-koepf, who designed a whole line of pet products. the holly advent calender is a bestseller in germany, and part of the proceedings goes to animal-related charities.

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IHP said...

sometimes a treat is only a treat.