October 29, 2005

to the market, again

another beautiful day for the farmers' market. the square surrounding the capitol was busy with children in halloween costumes, and market stalls glowed with pumpkins in all sizes, colors, and shapes.

dogs are not allowed on the market. if your dog is too big to be smuggled in, you better stay off the market area. the dog you can barely make out in the pink square didn't have to hide, though. he was a working dog. i wasn't quite sure what kind of working dog, as his owner didn't seem to rely on him for anything. still, it was nice to see a friendly dog trotting around the market without anybody getting annoyed.

looks like the question was asked at some point....

if you have a huge bernese mountain dog, chances are you and your dog will be noticed - in particular in the vicinity of a sign that says "dogs not allowed". but for the five minutes that i watched this family, nobody seemed to mind too much, and quite a few people smiled at the striking, well-behaved dog (perhaps they thought how lucky the baby was to grow up with such a great companion). he seemed to be quite used to having his picture taken.

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