October 13, 2005

spray your dog hot

if you can't stand the smell of a dog, perhaps you shouldn't have one? alternatively, you can spray him with "hot dog eau de toilette" (no joke, you can actually buy this stuff).

you will be pleased to learn that "this light eau de toilette contains half the alcohol found in regular eau de toilettes". but be careful not to overdose: "this light eau de toilette will perfume your canine for days at a time".

[@ hotdog: the meaning "
one who is skilled or proficient in some pursuit" seems to predate the meaning of a "hot sausage enclosed as a sandwich in a bread roll" slightly, the OED gives 1896 and 1900 as the dates of the first documented uses. the surfer term hot-dog, "a particular kind of surf-board", is of course a more recent extension of the word, and the youngest member in the family is the verb hot-dog, "ride a hot-dog", created by backformation]

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